Furniture Makeover in Monochrome

Furniture Makeover in Monochrome
Upcycle furniture in black and white for a wonderful monochrome makeover.

I’ve painted so much grey over the last year (and although I love the classic shade) it’s been a pleasure to paint the odd vibrant piece of furniture. However more recently I’ve been drawn to some monochrome schemes and decided to re-vamp these two corner cabinets in a black and white design.

Originally country pine and looking quite ‘twee’ these corner cabinets were in much need of a furniture makeover. They are not the most popular piece of furniture, however I really like them for a few reasons, they give height to a scheme, they are ideal for storage and display and they take up hardly any room! What’s not to like? Paint them to be noticed or paint them the same colour as your walls and you’ll hardly know that they there! Introduce clever lighting within the units and you can make a feature out of what was a corner you wouldn’t have noticed.

After sanding and priming I felt the units would look better without the top doors, so off they came and I painted the shelves with Autentico Versante in charcoal. You can see that by doing this, it  has elongated the look of the shelves. I then used a Dulux brilliant white eggshell for the outside of the cabinet. Spot lights could easily be fitted into the tops of the units which would enhance them even more.




Now the units wouldn’t look out of place in the most modern of rooms. The black shelving is a perfect back drop to display your favourite things, whether they are white, bright or metallic.

In true upcycling style, I wanted to re-use the top doors taken off the cabinets, so I removed the glass which I replaced with mirror and painted the frames in matt black. Now they are bang on trend window mirrors!



I’m really pleased with the new lease of life I’ve given to these corner cabinets. If you’re thinking about creating a monochrome scheme, consider adding a little natural wood, i.e. a coffee table or side tables and a blast of colour in the cushions or throws and you’ll have a stunning interior scheme.

Click here for more details on these cabinets.

Have a lovely week and happy painting!

Love Jo x