Art Nouveau Reloved by Jo

I love to up-cycle furniture that is quite special and this elegant sideboard is no exception. Bought by Nicky of Nicky Jones Furniture in Corbridge, this Art Nouveau sideboard is made from mahogany and has inlay floral panels to three drawers and two door fronts. It is beautiful. Nicky commissioned me to up-cycled this superb piece, requesting that I paint around the inlays, giving them a framed effect.

Art Nouveau Sideboard - Primed 4 - Reloved by Jo

Originally Nicky wanted a blue finish, however, after discussing various options we decided on a green shade, Troubled Waters, by Autentico. After preparing and undercoating the sides, back and framework I applied the first top coat which instantly lifted the look of the sideboard, giving it a new lease of life.  The framed inlays on the doors and drawers now stand out, just the effect that Nicky wanted. I sanded the original glossy top right back to reveal wood full of interest, colour and pattern.  Applying a matt varnish and finishing wih a wax to gives it warmth and depth.

Art Nouveau Sideboard Reloved by Jo 4  Art Nouveau Sideboard Reloved by Jo 9

The copper and brass handles are absolutely stunning. Nicky took these off to clean prior to me working on the sideboard and replaced them once complete so I guess you can say this was a team effort!

Sideboard Reloved by Jo 6 Art Nouveau Sideboard Reloved by Jo 7

There is sometimes a dilemma when it comes to painting beautiful old furniture… to paint or not to paint? Hopefully, on this occasion, you’ll agree that this special piece of furniture has been very much enhanced.

Art Nouveau Sideboard Reloved by Jo

This is one of my favourite commissions to date. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Love Jo x



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