If Tables Could Talk…

If tables could talk, what would yours say?

Upcycling another kitchen table, I wonder what stories it would tell if it were able to talk? I think about the families and friends who have gathered around the table over the years… What conversations, debates, arguments and silences would have taken place across the table top? And I think about the occasions and celebrations that would have taken place around the table such as Christmas dinner, birthday parties and romantic anniversary meals.


Some delicious food would have been served, as well as some bad! There would have been many cups of tea and coffee poured, as well as some spilt. Clinked glasses and toasts. Lazy Sunday breakfasts with time to read the paper and rushed midweek breakfasts with not enough time to eat.

Family laughter and tears of joy as well as squabbles and dinners eaten in silence.  Homework, baking, sewing, writing, kids playing and more activities besides. Maybe even a businesses that started from the kitchen table?

I can almost hear the voices, laughter and tears as I continue to sand and although the marks magically vanish I don’t feel as though I’m erasing memories, I’m giving the table a new lease of life so it can go on to be the centre of family life for many years to come.




I wonder what secrets your table could tell?

Have a good week.

Jo x



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