Upcycled Furniture Reloved by Jo

Welcome to my gallery showcasing before and after photos of upcycled furniture that I hope will inspire you.

My favourite style of furniture is French vintage, however rustic furniture is fast becoming a close second. I often fall in love with furniture that I’m working on, it may be the style, the grain in the wood or simply the handles but I believe that because I have so much passion for the pieces I work on, I do the best job possible.

Shabby chic has never really been my style, although I have been known¬†distress the odd piece. Each piece of furniture I upcycle is unique. Most of the time I start a project when I can visualize the finished piece in my mind, occasionally it develops as I work. Hopefully, you’ll get an idea of my style and standard of work from these pictures.

Commissions and clients tastes can sometimes push me in a direction I wouldn’t take, with surprising and pleasing results. Click here for more information regarding commissions.

I’ll be adding more photos of my furniture makeovers as I find time and as I continue to upcycle old and tired furniture in need of a little TLC.

I hope you enjoy the results of my labour.