Shabby Chic Has Moved On

So the shabby chic era may have moved on but painted furniture remains as popular as ever, as does my passion for up-cycling.

As with fashion, anything goes when it comes to interiors. I see this now more than ever.  Stick to one style throughout your home and it may look a little boring or like a showroom display. A mix of old and new always seems to work well. And now, there are so many vibrant colours and good quality paints to choose from when it comes to decorating walls and furniture that making a decision can be quite difficult… but enjoyable all the same.

Furniture doesn’t have to be vintage to be up-cycled either. It may be furniture in your home that you’ve had for a while. It may be good quality furniture that you’re just a little tired of. I get asked to update a lot of pine furniture because people realise that it’ll be more cost effective to have it up-cycled than to try and buy new furniture of a similar quality without spending a fortune.

I recently up-cycled these pine bedside drawers. They came to me looking very tired with an orange hue. Now these bedsides are bang on trend! I used Hick’s Blue from The Little Greene Paint Company and it works so well with the natural wood top and the gold knobs. I love to paint furniture in colours that you won’t find in the shops. The results can be quite stunning.


Up-cycled bedsides cabinets.


Bedsides with natural top - Reloved by Jo


This mahogany cupboard was dated but in good condition. Painted black and with the addition of some modern chrome knobs it looks quite stunning against a bold coloured wall. The paint was a black satinwood so didn’t need a varnish although I still often treat the tops for extra protection. The inside has also been up-cycled and Reloved by Jo 🙂


Set against a bold colour

Inside paintwork


I tend to fall in love with whatever piece of furniture I’m working on. I can only see this as a good trait because it means that I’ll always do a good job. The results speak for themselves, beautifully painted furniture.

When I’m not working on commissions for clients I’m usually planning ahead with my own projects… What piece will I up-cycle next? What colour will I choose? Will it need a fabric? Etc. As it’s now officially spring, Autentico Fern Green is next on my list on a set of six dining chairs with botanical fabric seats. I get excited just thinking about new projects and finishes, it keeps my job interesting. And distressed furniture may not be as popular as it has been, but I’ll never say never to shabby chic!

Have a good week.

Love Jo x

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