Water based, Internal & External use. Coverage Approx 10 sq mts per litre Annabell Duke Ultimate Stain Block Primer is a high performance, quick drying, alkali resisting primer sealer manufactured from high quality pigments and tough acrylic resin now with enhanced stain blocking


Primes and seals plaster, plasterboard, cement render, timber, bare masonry, interior stone and fibre cement boards, wood panelling, ceramic and glazed tiles, doors, trim, windows and any surface where great adhesion, fast drying, stain blocking properties are needed.



All surfaces to be painted should be clean, dry and free from loose and flaking material. Hard wall plasters should be scored with coarse sandpaper. Avoid the inhalation of dust. Wear a
suitable face mask if dry sanding.


Stir well before use. Apply one full coat, brushing firmly into the surface. Porous surfaces should
be sealed with a first coat of Ultimate Primer thinned with up to 20% clean water. Allow 3 hours
to dry under normal conditions before applying the required paint finish. For best results, apply by
brush as this assists the primer to penetrate the surface. Alternatively Ultimate Primer can be
applied by airless spray. Allow fresh plaster to dry thoroughly before application. Do not apply when
air or surface temperature is below 10˚C.


Touch dry in 30 minutes.


Recoatable after 3 hours.